Leï , my daughter you ignited my passion…

Birth & BEYOND, your support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, was inspired by my own experience. 


My passion for birth started in my early years in Ghana where I worked as a Medical Anthropologist with pregnant women and the days right after birthing their babies. 


I witnessed how transformative birth was for a woman and how her experience and emotions immediately after birth were the beginning of a powerful postpartum journey. Traditionally, women were accompanied by birth attendants that supported their needs, protected their instincts and celebrated childbirth as an empowering experience, what seemed to me, free of pain. 


Immediately after birth, the whole village nurtured the mother, attending to all her needs in order for her to thrive as a new mother. A baby was born but at the same time a confident mother was also born. 


I always wanted to have children, but since a very young age, I feared giving birth and imagined it would be the biggest pain I would ever have to experience. So when I fell pregnant with my daughter Lei, I was determined to find a way to overcome my fear. 


When I got pregnant I was so lucky to have such a good pregnancy it was the best I have ever felt , physically and emotionally in my entire life! Yet I was so anxious about giving birth, so much fear for the upcoming day that sometimes it would leave a lingering fear in my mind as I fell asleep at night. I was determined to find a way to overcome this anxiety accumulated over the years.

This is when I came across hypnobirthing and decided to train myself for my own birth and then further my studies to become a Doula to help other women have the same experience. 


Despite me having a very empowering birth I completely missed out on preparing for my postpartum period. Due to that I suffered postpartum insomnia anxiety regarding my sleep. So many mothers go through the same or much worst than I did. 

Hence, Birth & BEYOND was founded to support mothers not only before and during birth, but most importantly BEYOND birth. We often forget that when a baby is born, a mother is born too and we must not forget her. 

I am passionate about the  emotional experience of a mother once her baby is born and hence my specialization in the neuroscience of motherhood. 


I offer non judgemental support to you and will support you in all of your choices and guide you in using your voice to make decisions based on your values. 



Maternal Support Practioner- Bebo Mia (2020)

Certified Breastfeeding Educator- Bebo Mia (2020)

CPR & First Aid Certified (current)

Baby Friendly Hospital Assessor- World Health Organisation (2016)

Social Behaviour and Change Communication- Ohio University/USAID

Msc Public Health in Developing Country- LSHTM

Bsc Social and Medical Anthropology- Brunel University



Home births and hospital birth

Assessing implementation of Baby Friendly Initiative

Nutrition classes and breastfeeding education to pregnant mothers