Article by MC Freelance Journalist | September 2020, Spain

“Research has shown that the most vivid memory a woman carries in her mind is the day she births her first child,” Celia Ponzo, recently trained as a certified Maternal Support Practitioner, also known as a Doula, told me when I asked her why she believed a Doula is the answer to a more peaceful pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

After having given birth to a baby girl 18 months ago in Seychelles, Célia's unique experience of pregnancy and birth fuelled her passion for women’s health and maternity.

With a masters degree in Public Health in Developing Countries from London’s School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Célia has always been an advocate to empowering women in their health choices, in particular when it comes to maternity.

Her medical background is one she intends to use in her role as a Doula as she believes her work is to “offer both the emotional and physical support you need, always based on the latest scientific research.”

When I asked Célia if there was a particular experience in her life that brought her to becoming a Doula she confessed to me; “When I was pregnant, I was terrified to give birth, I thought that I could never go through the pain of giving birth after everything that I had seen or heard about giving birth. I was so determined to find a way to get over my fear.”

When you ask Célia about her birth experience, she speaks about the trust she felt with her partner and the peace and strength she found within her. This, she says, is all thanks to her Doula.

“She empowered me to trust my body and that gave me full confidence that I was able to give birth without pain.”

Inspired from her own journey, Célia now wants to share her experience, knowledge and confidence with women about to embark on their own journey of motherhood.

“I hope women are empowered to trust their inner instincts,” she said.

Célia aspires to be a non-judgemental figure in a women’s experience of pregnancy and postpartum by creating a safe space between herself and her client.

“Giving birth is the closest thing you will experience to nature which has yet not been completely taken over by man” and this is why Célia wishes to continue serving women through this unique experience.

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